Going strong for over 30 years!

In 1983 a small group of women came together with a shared appreciation of sheep and their wonderful fiber. Through their dedication and hard work, the Wool Arts Tour was born. Come help us celebrate our 35th year!

Over the years, the faces and places have changed, and different species of fiber animals have been added, but the original intent - to share the love and knowledge of fiber and the animals that produce it - has stayed the same.

The farms and studios on the tour have something for everyone, adults and children alike. Whether you knit, spin, weave or just appreciate quality handiwork, whether you like watching the artistry of ages-old home industries in a modern setting, or whether you just want to watch a demonstration or see the animals that produce the fiber, you will enjoy this weekend jaunt over the colorful autumn roads of New Hampshire. Come tour our lovely area of the state and become a part of this ever more popular Columbus Day weekend tradition. Admission to all sites is FREE!

Contact us at lesliec@spinnerfarm.com or 603-464-0232.